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By Julie Folger, D.D.S.
September 02, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures

There are many options for replacing missing teeth, which can leave patients with a sometimes confusing decision. Dr. Julie Folger, your Sherman dentist, is here to help you choose between crowns, bridges, and other dental restorations.Crowns

What is the difference between crowns and bridges? 

Both crowns and bridges are prosthetic devices that replace missing or broken teeth. While they are both cemented to the teeth permanently, they are used in different cases, and each has its strengths.

Crowns: Crowns are used in instances of damaged or broken teeth. A crown is fitted over what remains of the broken tooth, capping it off and creating the appearance of a new, undamaged tooth. While aesthetically pleasing, crowns also strengthen the broken tooth, increasing function and decreasing the chance of that tooth becoming even more damaged.

Bridges: Bridges are used when one or more teeth are missing between healthy teeth. When teeth are missing, the gaps left behind cause the remaining teeth to shift to compensate, resulting in an irregular bite. Bridges are anchored to the remaining natural teeth on either side of the gap, with one or several artificial teeth supported between them. This fills out your smile and prevents the outside teeth from sliding into the empty space over time.

How do crowns and bridges work? 

Crowns and bridges are similar in their installation and manufacturing. Natural teeth that will be crowned or serve as the anchor points for a bridge must first be reduced in size, so the bridge or crown fits securely. The dentist then takes a mold of the teeth and gums in order to create a completely custom fit. The color of the crown or bridge is matched to the surrounding teeth in order to appear as close in color to the natural teeth as possible. Using the mold and coloring details, a dental lab creates the crown or bridge exactly to the specifications provided by the dentist. In some cases, a temporary crown or bridge is used as a placeholder until the permanent prosthetic is available.

Crowns and bridges can both last for the remainder of the patient’s lifetime. The best and easiest way to ensure that the prosthetics do not come  lose  or fall out is to commit to outstanding oral hygiene and regular dental checkups, where they can be properly monitored for any damage or loosening. Dr. Folger in Sherman, TX is well versed in crowns and bridges, and can help install and monitor her patients’ progress with both. To make an appointment with her personal, professional care and knowledgeable staff, call today!

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