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It used to be that having a dental filling was a fairly obvious restoration; the metallic materials used to fix cavities were a sharp contrast cosmetic fillingsto the whiteness of natural teeth. Some portions of the metal could even stain the gums and give them a bruised appearance. However, cosmetic fillings have changed all of that. Your Sherman, Texas dentist, Dr. Julie Folger, is here to explain the advantages of cosmetic fillings.

Cosmetic filling information

Cosmetic fillings are made from a tooth-colored material that combines the flexibility of plastic with the strength of glass. Also called composite or resin fillings, they work in the same way as metal fillings: they fill in areas of a tooth where decay has been removed, eradicating the damage caused and sealing the rest of the tooth off from any further problems. Dr. Julie Folger employs the use of cosmetic fillings at her cosmetic dental practice in Sherman, Texas.

Advantages over metal fillings

The look of cosmetic fillings is usually the most common reason why patients prefer them to metallic fillings; the color of the materials is customized by your Sherman cosmetic dentist and the final product blends very well with the color of the surrounding teeth. This is especially important if a cavity has developed on a front tooth. But white fillings aren't just attractive. The preparation for a cavity filled with resin is typically less extensive than when a metal filling material is used; minimal preparation preserves the integrity of rest of the tooth for longer periods. While metal fillings used to be the "gold standard" for staying power, the makeup of resin fillings has evolved over time and is now comparable to metal in terms of durability.

Having dental work doesn't need to be advertised to the world. Become a patient of Dr. Julie Folger, cosmetic dentist in Sherman, Texas, by contacting our office for a consultation today. Your next cavity will be our little secret!

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